Former Director, Centre for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), Dr. Mahfouz Adedimeji has urged the Federal Government to create a National COVID-19 Research Fund to aid relevant research towards getting a vaccine to fight the deadly virus.

Adedimeji said the importance of research cannot be over-emphasised, calling for part of the funds donated by individuals and corporate organisations to be channeled for research.

He said the government needed to be committed to providing tools, facilities and an enabling environment for researchers to thrive.

“It is expected that we have a robust National COVID-19 Research Fund from which relevant researchers can tap without hassles. I say relevant researchers because it is not meant for everybody in the research industry. This is a global emergency in need of local solutions. Look at Madagascar and its well-funded Malagasy Institute of Applied Research.

“No country rises beyond the quality of its research industry. That research aids development informs why R&D (Research and Development) go together. There are no shortcuts to success in this regard. We must do the needful in order to be successful as a country.

“It is rather disheartening that Nigeria doesn’t value knowledge and research.  But we have been hovering on the same spot for years by having the same ambivalent attitude to knowledge and research. This national attitude of paying lip-service to or neglecting education and research has to change,” he added.

He lauded the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) for assisting the government. He called for improved funding for researchers.FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedInWhatsAppEmail

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